Being clean can be so much fun!

Don’t worry mommy, with us the fun is safe!



We have chosen all of our ingredients with greatest care. We use only renewable products and no synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers.

Chilean hazelnut oil

Chilean hazelnut oil has excellent moisturizing qualities and contains rare long-chained vegetable fatty acids such as behenic, arachidic and eicosane acids making it highly recommended for hair care. It keeps hair smooth and supple making it easier to comb.

Organic Aloe Vera

All of STORK’s products contain organic Aloe Vera. Organic Aloe Vera has moisturizing and soothing effects. It is rich in minerals such as zinc, calcium, selenium and many vitamins however it contains no allergens.

Pomegranate extract

STORK facial cream offers baby and children´s skin natural intensive protection in all weathers. Fine organically grown pomegranate extract provides face and hands with ample moisture and prevents dry skin patches from developing.


ways to get kids to wash their hands

Here’s one great reason for teaching our naturally grubby and grotty kids the golden hygiene rule of hand washing: they’ll spend less days feeling miserable and having snotty little faces like glazed doughnuts.


Perfect for babies, toddlers - the entire family! Everyone will want to frolick in these safest of suds. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, tear-free; its hard to believe how well it cleans from head to toe.

It works hard, You play safe!

Super Gentle



Tear Free



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